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The SUDI E-Learning Toolkit contains four e-learning modules with assessment, accreditation certificates and a range of post-learning resources.

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Across NZ health professional groups, there is a good level of understanding of the major SUDI risks (e.g. smoking / safe sleeping) but knowledge and understanding of all of current known risks is not consistent due to changing evidence and policy. Therefore, the aim of this programme is to build on pre-existing knowledge but work towards correcting misconceptions and to reinforce current evidence-based guidance.  Raising health professional knowledge levels of SUDI is vital towards supporting families better understanding that it can be prevented.

The resource has four specific modules which include describing: what SUDI is; the specific vulnerability factors, how to engage effectively with Maori and Pacific Peoples on this health concern; and what prevention models can be applied.

The benefits of the resources are it: is relevant to well child health services and related health workforce practice; it is accessible and can be completed by health professionals in their own time; can improve your engagement with Mâori and Pacific peoples, and you can gain a certificate on completion.