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    Communicating the Key Messages of the Clinical Weight Management Guidelines

    The Ministry of Health aims to increase the number of New Zealanders with healthy weight.

    The Clinical Weight Management Guidelines aim to provide evidence-based guidance for individual and group weight management, to be principally used in primary care and community-based settings. It is envisaged that the implementation of the Guidelines will influence practice, help reduce variation, and provide a consistent approach across the many weight management initiatives, programmes and tools in the private and public sector.

    National implementation of the Guidelines will provide a basis for national, regional and local consistency in terms of the management of overweight and obesity. It will also provide consistency in the training of the workforce managing overweight and obesity.

    Weight Management FAB E-learning module

    The Ministry identified that one of the mechanisms for communicating the key messages of the Guidelines, was healthcare professionals committing to talking to their patients about their weight, at every opportunity.

    This Weight Management FAB E-learning module is developed for healthcare professionals to give an overview of the New Zealand Clinical Weight Management Guidelines and how to engage with patients about their weight and the importance of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. It is part of a blended digital solution, which uses methods of communication to the workforce by incorporating Twitter social networking, and a website 'hub' of practical tips, tools and the latest research to deal with patients who are obese or overweight.