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Health Support System Upgraded

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Health Support System Upgraded
by Nigel Young - Tuesday, 9 September 2014, 5:40 PM

Hi everyone

We've updated the support system for LearnOnline so now you can not only get support by sending an email to our support address (, you can even use a portal to log and track your tickets!  The portal address is here:  You don't have to register an account you can just give your email when raising an issue and you'll be contacted direct by a member of the team.

If you have recently submitted under the old help email address: then your email should have been redirected to the new system.  Unfortunately during the initial stages of re-direct the email address included an accidental punctuation mark that caused some emails to disappear between 4-9 Sep 14.  We’ve corrected that and now all emails for support (, and will end up in the new support system.  

If you submitted a support request between 4-9 Sep that went unanswered please resubmit immediately and we’ll get on it and please accept our apologies if this happened to you!  

The new support system also gives you a chance to rate the support you get from us and allows us to work to improve the help we give to you too so please let us know how we're doing along the way!

Best wishes

Kineo Pacific Support Team